1. For rational functions such as f(x) = 1/x, f(x) is undefined when x=0.
  2. For logarithms such as f(x) = ln x, f(x) is undefined when x≤0.
  3. For square root function such as f(x) = square root (x), f(x) is undefined when x<0.

During the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt the urge to reach out to my Academic Advisory students to ensure they were happy, safe, motivated and healthy. Most of them were back at home with their families, but five of them were either still at their student hostels or rented houses near the university. We brainstormed ideas to keep everyone busy, motivated and connected while social distancing. Here are some of them:

  • continue learning by enrolling in free online courses
  • pick up a new skill for growth, e.g., meditation, public speaking
  • video…

Last semester, more than half of my Academic Advisory students achieved a GPA of 3.0 and above. That was an increase by a factor of 8 compared to the previous semester. I was on cloud nine. Wanting to inspire the other students with the success stories of their friends, I managed to persuade these students (using strategies I would rather not recall) to share their study techniques with the group.

  • From a student who increased his GPA by 1.8 points: he worked hard — I made sure he did, during my Statistics classes. He also practiced group discussions and past…

  1. Emotions are processed within the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) — the region of the brain in charge of cognitive functions.
  2. Emotional valence and arousal influence different parts of the ACC.
  3. Emotional valence influences the ACC activity 0.3 seconds earlier than emotional arousal during cognition!
  4. Increased arousal influences behavioral responses negatively in patients with Schizophrenia during cognition.
  5. Patients with Schizophrenia suffer from valence and arousal processing deficiencies within the ACC during cognition.

Farah Shahnaz Feroz

Education is my passion. My research interest is the intersection between brain and behavior.

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